Go Green – Go Frameless:

Since 2006, Eclipse Glass has been using environmentally friendly, frameless shower glass panels to create spectacular architectural features in residences and commercial properties throughout Metro Vancouver.

Frameless Shower Glass is 100% recyclable and is actually one of the greenest of construction materials since its basic component is silica – sand – which is easily obtainable throughout the world.

Besides being more aesthetically pleasing with their elegant, modern, minimalist design, frameless shower glass and bath enclosures are also easier to clean and maintain since there are no grooves or corners in which dirt and mould can accumulate.

Inline Shower Glass

A great space-saver, an inline shower is  practical and also lends a stylish and contemporary look to a bathroom.

An Inline shower can span the width of a bathroom, maximising available space. Doors can be hinged off the wall or off an adjacent glass panel, highlighting the benefit of custom design.

This shower format can really add an extra dimension to the bathroom.

Corner Glass Shower

For corner applications a right angle shower door may be right for you. Our knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives can schedule a free on-site estimate for custom applications.

Neo Angle Shower Glass

These are used in a 135 degree corner installation. You don’t have to use a neo angle shower enclosure in a corner, but they take up substantially less room, especially in smaller bathrooms. They usually have a custom size door opposite the corner, with a small side custom panel on each side of the shower door.

Bathtub Enclosures

They add a contemporary, elegant design to just about every style of decor and are an ideal medium for installation in shower and bathrooms. It can be a sliding frameless solution or just any configuration of the swing doors.

Our European style bathtub frameless glass enclosure is popular in European hotels and 5 star hotels around the world. These minimalist glass enclosures look stunning, add a touch of class to your bathroom, and are easy to care for.

European Hinged Design Style Shower Doors

These styles of tub and shower enclosures have a swing-out door that usually has an attached side panel. These frameless units are often found in stylish European hotels and spas. Now available for your home as well!

Sliding Shower Doors

These are the most common style of shower doors and also work very well for the bath tub. They don’t require the extra room needed for a pivot or hinged style, and we can custom order any size you require.

Swing Style Shower Doors

These styles of tub and shower enclosures have a swing in & out door that may or may not include an attached side panel. They are the most popular this days.

Contact us today for more information about creating a glass-based showcase for your room.

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