Total360FixedInterior Railing Glass Base ShoeEclipse Glass installs contemporary, state of the frameless top mount glass and custom top mount glass railings for both indoors and outdoor projects throughout Lower Mainland.

Using 12, 15 or 19 mm frameless top mount glass railings are particularly practical and beautiful around patios, pools, balconies, verandas or any other area that you wish to enclose but where you do not want to impede the view.

Top mount (base shoe) glass panels are securely held in place by means of  horizontal metal strips, much like a curtain rail. This provides an extremely secure base and is safe many applications in a home or commercial building.

Total360FixedBase Shoe Exterior GlassFor a sleek, modern look that provides a greater amount of safety, durability, and beauty, however, it’s hard to beat frameless glass railings. The name provides the best description as frameless glass railings are exactly what they sound like: strong panes of glass that act as solid, protective barriers of the edge of your deck. Frameless glass railings provide a number of benefits over and above traditional railings, many of which defy initial expectations. Top mounted railings are made of strong tempered glass which is durable and secure. They are the perfect way to create an almost invisible, unobtrusive protective barrier.

If you would like to learn more about our top mount installation technique for frameless top mount glass railings please visit our convenient showroom in Port Moody or contact us here.

These are photos some of our top mount installations.