Go Green – Go Frameless:

Since 2000, Eclipse Glass has been using environmentally friendly, frameless glass railings and panels to create spectacular architectural features in residences and commercial properties throughout Metro Vancouver.

Glass is 100% recyclable and is actually one of the greenest of construction materials since its basic component is silica – sand – which is easily obtainable throughout the world.

Frameless Glass Ralings available in All Metro Vancouver, Burnaby, Tri Cities, New Westminster, Richmond and Surrey. Visit us On-Line or at our Port Moody State of the Art Showroom.

This are the best solution for the  “open space look” for the interiors and for” nothing to block the  views”, on the exteriors.

For Decks and Patios. no hand rail, no bottom rail, a frameless glass railing that lives up to your million dollar view.

• Frameless Glass Railings are Maintenance free
• Frameless Glass Railings are incredibly pleasing.
• Frameless Glass Railings allow for unobstructed view.
• Frameless Glass Railing offers wind and noise protection and reduction.
• Frameless Glass Railings are difficult for children to climb.
• Frameless Glass Railings have no panels for children or pets to climb through.

A beautiful railing system for your home to be sure, but these systems also have excellent commercial uses such as wind breaks for outdoor restaurant seating.

Besides being more aesthetically pleasing with their elegant, modern, minimalist design, frameless glass railings are also easier to clean and maintain since there are no grooves or corners in which dirt and mould can accumulate.

Contact us today for more information about creating a glass-based showcase for your room.