Side Mount Glass Railings

Eclipse Glass has installed side mount frameless glass railings (standoff systems) for many properties in Metro Vancouver. Finishings are stainless steel and last for many years without discolouration or peeling.

The beauty of side mount glass panels is that they can attach to almost any existing wall without the need for baseboard-style foundations to hold the panels in place.

Side mount glass panels are ideal on the edges of stairways, verandas and balconies, in fact just about anywhere there is a vertical surface on which they can be affixed. All side mount glass railings are made out of the best quality 12, 15 or 19 mm tempered glass and are strong, durable, shatterproof and very safe.

If you would like to learn more about our side mount installation technique for frameless glass railings please visit our convenient showroom in Port Moody or contact us here.